March 21st, 2002

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This morning started off quite badly. I awoke at 7:15 - a few minutes before I'd normally leave - and couldn't seem to get the oomph to get ready quickly. Managed to stagger down to the station eventually and missed the last train that would get me to work on time. I had no chance of catching it as I also had to buy a new ticket today as well. Got to Clapham earlier than I'd expected and was surprised to find my next train was on time. For the first time ever - the train also arrived on time at Croydon, which gave me a whole minute to race across to try and catch my train. And much to my amazement, it was slightly late so I managed it. This has never happened before - I always miss the train if I'm this late. So it turns out that I arrived at work on time.

Had an early breakfast. Tina (the team assistant) is struggling to get her head around the scarey diet. She's relying on me to keep her on the straight and narrow and I had to persuade her to have an apple rather than a bit of shortcake. Can't see why she needs to lose weight as she's very slim - as demostrated when she flashed her tummy at us to prove she hadn't hidden the shortcake on her person. Didn't get a very long look, but enough to see she's not fat and has a pierced bellybutton.

Then we had a meeting with the guy who is planning where we're all going to be working. Boy was he nervous. He looked like he expected us to lynch him at any moment - sweat poured off his forehead in rivers. Surprisingly we didn't lynch him, but then he didn't really have any details for us to get angry with. I am beginning to get a bit nervous about job security though.

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