March 16th, 2002

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Hmmm...what to say about today. Went back to the flat for the first time in months with nemy and inquis to tidy up and finally move out. The flat was just as depressing and skanky as I remembered. I put on a load of washing, but the machine broken and water poured down into the office below. They were quite pissed off and tried blaming it on me. I'm going to not doing anything as I'll be giving notice soon enough anyway.

We threw out a load of rubbish and moved some stuff and then went for lunch with the gang. I ate lots and then nemy and cryx went with me to Ikea. It took ages getting there and it then took ages walking around cos I was crap and didn't know entirely what I wanted. I'm no good at deciding on colours and stuff *sigh*. In the end though I spent nearly £800 on stuff including a very shiny mirror for cryx which earned me a really nice big hug. Then I exploited the hugs for gift deal and gave her some shiny blue bottle things that she'd also expressed a desire for.

A bit of socialising later at House Cthuhlu and I was a bit more perkier, but still not amazingly so. I'm looking forward to getting the delivery from Ikea tomorrow (or rather today)

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