February 21st, 2002

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Grrr. LJ for no apparent reason has decided to stop putting the number of comments in the URLs. This means that I can't tell if new comments have been made, as the link will always be "read". Blah. Moan. Whine. I guess I shall just have to read LJ less often and re-read all the interesting entries or something.

On a completely odd note, the canteen staff offered to clean my tupperware thingy that I've been microwaving lunch in. I was confused at first as one of them had come up to me and asked if I wanted "it squashed" and given that I was holding a polysterne(sp?) cup, I was really puzzled. Then she repeated herself and applied less of her dodgy northern accent and pointed at the tupperware thing. Hopefully it doesn't get lost and I remember to collect it at afternoon tea.

SWT should close their ticket offices more often as it means I get free days on the train. My season ticket was due renewal yesterday, but for no apparent reason the ticket office was closed. Since I hadn't enough cash on me to buy a ticket and the permit to travel machine was telling me to go to the (closed) ticket office, I decided to just jump on the train and take my chances. Thankfully no-one checked my ticket and this morning the ticket office was open.

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