February 12th, 2002

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Woke up with one of those post-sleep dream thingies. You know the kind where you're awake, but your brain isn't in first gear and you imagine stuff. Anyway, one of the ways I awake in the morning is by a halogen lamp on a timer. The effects of a 500watt bulb burning through your eyelids should be enough to wake anyone - I've got an alarm clock as a backup just in case. It's primary usage though is a fake sunlight thing. Anyhow, back the post-sleep dream. I got the impression I wasn't alone in my bedroom - there were 2 (maybe more) people in it. Don't recall the start of their conversation, but one of them - a female commented that I was "young and not yet used to things yet" refering to waking up with the halogen lamp I think. Very odd.

Eventually the alarm clock went off and I was forced to get out of bed and face the world. So far I'm not doing so well at that either. Definitely a very leaden(sp?) day.

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Shock! Horror! Canteen staff being helpful!

For lunch I'd brought with me a tin of ravioli(sp?), the only problem being that we don't have anything at work to microwave it in. So I took it down to the canteen and asked if I could borrow something to microwave it in. Surprisingly they found something and even nuked it for me too - although that was only cos they'd ditched the can and I had no idea how long to nuke it for.

Next time I will bring in my own recepticle so I can have a second tin if I'm still hungry.

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Tonight should be an interesting experiment. I get weighed at the weekly session, but Linette isn't there. Will everyone make a big deal as they think we're a couple? Or do they think we're just friends? I guess I'll find out soon enough.

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Pining for the Fjords?

Nope. Apparently I'm pining for cryx. Our love is so strong that even being apart for the past 2 days has caused me to lose 6 pounds. Yes. That is correct. I have lost 6 pounds.

This brings the grand total to a nice even stone. To confuse me even further, I also managed to win slimmer of the week which I thought I couldn't do if I had lost the week before. Well now that I've discovered sin-free spag bol and ravioli which I can eat at work I think I shall find it a lot easier to lose weight. Except for tonight where I'm just about to go and pig out on pancakes. *grins*

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