February 11th, 2002

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The weekend was definitely interesting. Woke up late and had a quick brunch. Vegged about the place and then went to the London game where I fell into SOOOOOOOOOOOO much poo that I'm sure even Charlotte would be envious. Unfortunately towards the end of the game I became ill. No idea what the cause was, but I felt vile the whole trip home.

Staggered into bed and slept through until about 5pm, only waking up to go to the loo and get some water. During the extended period of sleep I had the most b'zzare fever induced dream (i'll detail that at the bottom).

Watched telly for a bit, but felt too tired to stay up late and eventually went back to bed. Woke up feeling better, so went to work. As I left I noticed that my front door was open. Major brown trousers moment. I must have not shut it properly when I'd got home on Saturday.

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Doesn't look like I'm going to lose weight this week either. Although I've eaten hardly anything, I've spent far too much time in bed. *sigh*