January 30th, 2002


Today looked like it was going to start off badly. Spent far too much time languishing in the bath and had to scurry like mad to get to the station in time for the train. Except I needn't had bothered as it was stuck behind a Weybridge->Staines service. This wasn't as bad as you might think, because the Staines service was using one of the new trains. They're very nice. Plenty of leg room, comfy seats and they run really smoothly. I certainly wouldn't mind if they replaced all the stock with these sorts. Although I guess there will be less seats available.

Got off at Staines to find it very crowded which was a bit odd. Then the normal train arrived a few minutes later, except the guard kept saying the train was via Brentford not Hounslow. Sure enough, the train did stop at Brentford (as well as Hounslow) which it never normally does. It also stopped at Syon Lane, Kew Bridge, Barnes and all the other poxy little stations that no-one in their right mind would expect a supposed fast train to stop at.

It turns out that a previous train had been canceled, so the train was packed. Coupled with the extra 7 or so stations it stopped at it meant the train took over twice as long as usual to get to Clapham and it we were all packed in like cattle. God knows _why_ we had to stop at all these extra stations as there was a slow service directly behind us. Luckily I managed to get a connecting service and managed to get to work only 30 minutes late.

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