January 22nd, 2002

*awooga awooga* Dive! Dive! Dive!

I've just got back from the slimming world thing laden down with a hefty bag of fruit. Why? Because this week I am *drumroll* "Slimmer of the week" having lost a whopping 5.5pounds. This is despite my parents attempts to turn me into a lardy fat git last week. Woohoo!

Rather eagerly I've plumped myself down for another 5pounds next week.

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In other news - I popped into Special Reserve to see if there were any interesting games going cheap for the Playstation. I lucked out - they had Area 51 for just under 10 quid. It's 2 player too, so I should probably think about investing in another lightgun for some double-team alien butt kicking action.

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