January 20th, 2002

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Since I've got so much washing up to do, I've moved the dishwasher into a position that I can still get access to the water valve doodah and give it a test run. I've had to stick the outlet pipe so that it points into the sink and so far it's managed not to flay about like a dying snake. Looks like it's all going fine. I briefly kept an eye on the pipes under the sink - they barely moved an inch. So much for the flood I guess.

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First batch of dishwashing has finished. The kitchen isn't flooded and everything is bright and clean. It wasn't entirely dry though - apparently I need to increase the amount of rinse cleaner or something, but I'd imagine the amount that came free wasn't enough.

So...tomorrow I shall invest in various dishwashing gubbins and set it to wash stuff whilst I'm asleep.

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