January 10th, 2002

Playing catch up

So...what have you lot missed whilst I've been offline? Not much as it happens. New Years Eve was much as it's been for the past few years. I go to Matt and Sue's. I drink lots of oddly named cocktails and get very silly and then I walk home. Except this year I didn't walk home. I wasn't allowed to. Apparently it was -8 degrees outside and everyone was worried I'd end up a icicle somewhere. So instead, I got a lift off Jenny's boyfriend (who has a much nicer car).

I didn't get to go to the US after all. sea_cucumber and I spent hours trying to get tickets, but in the end I gave up. She however continued on for a bit longer and managed to get the last ticket. No idea when she is back - I'm guessing it's today. I'm kinda disappointed I didn't get a chance to go, but I think I'd have rather gone with oodles of people than by myself.

Moving in-wise, I've done sod all. Well, that isn't strictly true. I've moved in a few more bits and pieces - whatever I can fit in the rucksack. But compared to how much is left, it's not much. Part of the problem, is that I feel uncomfortable going there during office hours. The person who I deal with about the rent, sits opposite the door and just stares as I come and go. I guess they can't really say anything as I'm still paying rent, but it's just really unnerving.