December 29th, 2001

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Damn and blast it. Woolworths suck. Apparently the wonderous jigsaw coasters that they do are a "Christmas line" which means that obviously the moment Xmas is over, they take 'em off the shelves and send 'em back to HQ or something cos nowhere near here has them in stock. *sigh* So it means I've only got one of these lovely coasters.

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Anyway - proper post. Well, a post that isn't a whiney moany sort of post at least.

After my the post I made last night, I booked some travel insurance for the forthcoming US trip. Except this time I went for their multitrip option cos it works out about double the price of a singletrip thingy and I know I'm going again later next year. Then I went home and played Time Crisis until about 3am. I almost completed it, but ran out of credits.

Woke up sometime earlyish in the morning. Felt really tired still so went back to sleep and then woke up at a more sensible hour for someone on holiday. Put some washing on, played some more PSX games and then went shopping.

I definitely LOVE shopping. I bought some magentic poetry fridge magnet thingies, a travel guide to the US (Since I seem to be going there quite a bit) and various other sundries. As previously mentioned I didn't buy any more jigsaw coasters.

The evening was spent eating pizza and watching Dogma. Hopefully I'll get the new place sorted out so that lots of people can come over and watch films and eat pizza etc in the future. I need to tidy away a whole bunch of stuff I've moved over recently, so that people can sit down. Books and stuff all over the place at the moment.

Tomorrow I should hopefully be seeing Lord of the Rings. There is a vague birthday trip plan for Estelle, although since I'm without email for most of the day, I've not been able to liase with Nick/Estelle to find out what is actually going on. Then after that is the Xmas/pre-New Year Eve party at number 4. No idea what is happening Sunday, or Monday - except for NYE parties I guess. Then sometime next week I'm off to the US for uber amounts of vampire plot.

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