December 21st, 2001

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Paid my rent yesterday, although I nearly couldn't find my rent book. Luckily a responsible adult (inquis) turned up and helped me find it. Then we went to the pub for the usual thursday night fun and frolics. As has recently been the case, I had a bottle of wine and got utterly wasted. This week though I was more aware of people leaving and managed to get a lift with inquis and barty. barty also kindly replaced the lightbulb that I can't reach too which was really nice of him.

Today I've done sod all work. Played computer games most of the morning and the afternoon was spent down the pub having a rather hurried departmental xmas meal. Tonight I shall hopefully be moving some more stuff including the all important television. Hopefully I can find the TV license for the old place so I can wave it at people if need be until I can get a replacement.

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