December 19th, 2001

That's sooooooo last season Darhling!

Had a very productive evening. Got home late cos of a variety of bloody viking bands, but on the way through town I decided to pop into Woolies to get my xmas and birthday pressies from my parents. They'd said they'd get me a set of cutlery and crockery and I'd seen some stuff I liked in there. Previously I'd seen a REALLY nice set of cutlery I liked - completely stainless steel, with a bamboo pattern - but when my parents went to get it from their local, they were told they had none in stock because it was last seasons design. So since they didn't know what else I liked, they asked me to get it for myself.

Much to my surprise they had some more of the bamboo style cutlery in, so I bought the last 2 packs. I also got 4 pint glasses and an 18piece set of white crockery with embossed pattern of fruit or something on it. I staggered home with it all and then colapsed into a chair and phoned my parents to tell them what they'd got me.

The productivity bug must have caught on hard to me, because I decided to head over to the old place with large carry bag and my rucksack and fill them full of stuff. Probably over did it and my back will hate me in the morning, but at least I feel like I'm getting somewhere with moving.

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Actually woke up this morning early (ie before the halogen lamp turns on) and without any kind of aches or pains. Woohoo! I think I shall have to try and do some more trips with the bags - probably see if I'm sober enough after the pub tonight.

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