December 6th, 2001

Choo Choo!

I've remembered one of those entries I wanted to do the other day, but had forgot.

Every now and then, something odd happens whilst waiting at the station. A train will pull through that is totally out of place for what you'd normally expect on a crappy BR line. Normally it's the Orient Express - all shiney and full of rich gits stuffing their faces, but Wednesday morning something different went past. It was a moderately posh looking train - the outside looked really crap, but inside it looked typically plush. But that wasn't the exciting part! The engine bringing up the rear was a steam engine! Yup, thats right - a steam train went through Egham. The station was engulfed in smoke as it gently puffed past as I waited for my normal train. It was so cool! I was so surprised to see it, I didn't get to see if it had a name or any details about it, but it was definitely uber-cool. I like steam trains! Choo choo!!!!

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