November 22nd, 2001

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Well yesterday was definitely interesting. I took the money to the solicitors - that was pretty scarey. I've never had such a large wad of money in my posession before. Stoopidly, I forgot to get a receipt for the cash, but I doubt he'll screw me over. As I left the solicitors I noticed the time. When I had planned this momentous trip, I had budgeted 25 minutes between arriving at Chertsey and leaving as that was when the trains arrived/left. The train had arrived late and after dealing with the solicitor I had a mere 5 minutes to hurry across Chertsey to get the train. Luckily it wasn't far to walk, so I just made it in time.

On the way back I figured it'd be a cunning idea to phone people to sort out some kind of lunch plan. Phoning House Cthulhu, I got no response - majic13 was probably either on the computer or asleep and either way, ignoring the phone. Better luck with cryx who not only answered, but even had an idea what to do for lunch. She suggested we all went to a pub called the "Pineapple" which apparently did really nice sandwiches. I rallied eggwhite into the plans and stopped by HC to prod majic13 in person. Soon the 4 of us were hurtling across the countryside to this random pub.

They did do really nice sandwiches - I had one called a "vampire attack" which was roast beef, red onions and a roast garlic sauce. Couldn't taste the garlic (I like my garlic), but it was still very yummy. The chips that came with it were also ultra yummy too. Then we pootled back towards civilisation.

It was at this stage that I realised that so far I'd spent at most 20 minutes "at work" and that most of the afternoon had gone. I called in to see if I could get the day off since it was clear that today wasn't going to happen. Couldn't get hold of anyone important, so decided to do it anyway and let them bitch at me on the mobile. Instead we went shopping in Staines as cryx wanted a case for her new evil camera.

Then back to HC where we pootled about a bit, then cryx and eggwhite headed off to the Green to work and stuff. When she got back, we watched the most excellent film "High Fidelity" which stars the Cusacks(sp?) and is all about a poor hapless guy who tries to deal with the evil, harsh and cruel tricks women play on us poor men.

Linette then gave me some more tips about keeping my hair lovely. She thinks my hair looks much better down, so first I had to ditch the hairtie. Then she showed me how to comb it and even demonstrated on my hair. She also used this really nice smelly conditioning spray that apparently detangles hair too. The end result was I had lovely flowing hair that smelt nice - now I can't stop sniffing it.

Then since it was Wednesday we headed off to RockSoc. Much better than last week - the couples weren't in full force and the smoke levels were a lot less. Time whizzed by though as I'd barely started on my second drink when last orders were called. Left there and went home to bed.

All in all an interesting day. Hopefully today isn't.

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