October 25th, 2001

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I'm back from LA! I'm annoyingly tired but if I go to sleep now I'll only end up with really bad jetlag - or at least I've been told that to stop jetlag you're meant to stay awake during daylight hours when you arrive. Oh well - I might take a nap so that I have some brain left for IFIS tonight.

The trip was pretty good - there were a few niggling problems, but me and sea_cucumber managed to cope. The convention was fun, but very US centric and the games were too big to go to just for fun if you didn't know anyone. Next year I'll try and make sure I have some plot before I go, so I have an attainable goal. My "plot" of being guide/protector for Prince Catherine was a bit of a shambles as she spent the entire game(s) busy with meetings, which obviously I wasn't allowed to attentd.

The non-game bits were OK. The dances were found by all to be a bit crap - the music was awful so hardly anyone danced. However, there was a charity event called "CarnEvil" filled with booths of much debauchary. I think the (small) lovebite I ended up with has probably gone by now.

Other than that - we went and saw lots of stuff and did oodles of shopping. Maybe if/when I regain some kind of brain I'll be more verbose on the whole trip and put the pictures up somewhere useful.

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