October 16th, 2001

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Eeeep. Today is the day. Thankfully feeling a whole lot better - a good nights sleep always does the trick. Hopefully by the time the taxi arrives, sea_cucumber has packed. Last indication of packing status, was that she'd only packed a bottle of shampoo. I've done a lot better - I've got plenty of clothing, most of my toiletries (I've gotta use some of them this morning) and all my electrical gubbins. There are plenty of books as well, as I'm sure the flights there and back will contain large amounts of dull bits when we're not plotting.

Now all I've gotta do is get ready and do the mountain of chores I've got before the taxi arrives. Since it's unlikely I'll post another entry before then - I'll see everyone (well everyone I normally see) next week. LA here I come!!!

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