October 12th, 2001

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Well lets see what has happened recently. I know that I've been very slack in posting entries, but that will soon change as the new laptop has arrived. In fact it's sitting next to me as I type sucking vast amounts of data off a linux CD in a vague attempt at installing a real OS onto it. With the new laptop I'll be able to go back to using the ADSL line again and since it's far faster than my piddlingly crap 486DX, I'll be able to run a webbrowser and actually post entries again.

The societies are all doing well - GameSoc has lots of new freshers turning up and had a moderately successful networking gaming session. RockSoc had a fun pub crawl quiz, although I did feel that it was heavily biased towards welsh nu-metal fans and hence our team didn't win the giant dildo (ok - it was apparently a bottle - but it looked very phallic). And IFIS has lots of new members too, although it could do with a more cohesive committee who don't spend all their time together bickering.

Good news on the holiday front - I'm going to ICC!!!! sea_cucumber has booked the tickets to LA, so this time next week I'll be dying from Anthrax or having a plane drop on my head.

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