September 24th, 2001

The weekend ends here

Well yet again I've been slack with posting, so here is the run down for the past 3 days or so.


Went and watched videos at Chez Cthuhlu and had pizza. Missed the first film (American Pie), but saw enough of it to have a good laff. That was followed by the Secrets of Nimh. Very odd film - certainly not like how I remember it, but then it must have been over 10 years since I last saw it. After that people started heading home, so I decided it was time to follow suit.


Woke late. Went shopping. Got the latest Tori album - it's very wierd hearing her do classic songs in her own style. Also got a plethora of DVD magazines cos I figure it's time I should at least keep up with the latest news on the subject. From what I've read of them so far, I'll be far better off finding a decent website as the information will be more up to date. There was also a donut stand in the market selling US style donuts which I bought a handful of and pigged out on the way home. Spent the evening doing SFA as everyone was probably at the Reading vampire game.


Spent the morning reading the aforementioned DVD magazines. Tried getting into some coding in the afternoon, but my heart wasn't in it. In the evening I arranged a small trip to go and see AI with cryx and eggwhite.

It's a very odd film - not at all what I expected having seen the trailers. I had expected some kind of action thriller, but it turns out the film is more of a soppy moralistic drama. Having said that, it is a very good soppy moralistic drama - think "Contact" for a similar style of film. The SFX in it are awesome too - you could really believe there were real androids running about the place. Do I recommend it? I think I do, with the proviso that it is quite a lengthy film.

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