September 19th, 2001

Make pizza not war

Last night C5 decided to bless the telly viewing masses with that most excellent of films - Terminator 2: Judgement Day. Given that it is one of my favourite films of all time, I felt obliged to watch it. That is until I saw the gross atrocities they had performed on it. Not only was it cut of violence, but they had apparently stretched the widescreen version to fit a normal telly. Blasphemy!!!

So like any good film snob with a large film library would do I rifled out my Special Edition copy and watched that instead. Far better, although it too was cut slightly in the violence department too - the bit where the biker gets thrown onto the hotplates involved lots more jumping about on the C5 version. I guess thats down to the UK video censors or something.

Anyhow, since I'm there watching a cool movie, I'm hungry and going and getting food would involve not watching the film for a bit, I decide to order pizza. When it arrives I'm surprised by the pizza delivery guy who has remarkably remembered me from the last time when he had forgotten my dip. At the time I figured that sending the poor guy back for something that only costs 25p was a pointless and cruel so I told him not to bother. My kindness had paid off as this time he had brought me an extra two dips. It's a shame as one dip is enough and the other two will just go unused - but it's the thought that counts. It goes to show that niceness begets niceness.

T2 however isn't full of niceness. The opening sequence has me sitting and thinking that if Bush has his way, this is what downtown Egham could look like - admittedly without the killer robots rampaging down the highstreet, but still - a desolete nuclear scarred wasteland.

Sarah's attitude towards the designer (whose name I can't recall atm) also reflected the general attitude of Americans towards anyone of a slight Arabic descent. IE totally irrational and not involving much thinking - although he does in the end bring about the creation of SkyNet, he can't really be blamed for something he doesn't know about. However, hopefully the Americans can see sense in the end like she did before they drag us all down into a nuclear hell.

Anyway - despite the rather unhappy events that seem to be unfolding around me, a large amount of pizza, garlic bread and Haagen Daz and a good film have put me in a good mood. Not that I wasn't in one before - I guess I'm in a better mood. Damn these new "happy" emotions - they're sooooo confusing :)

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