September 6th, 2001

time, space and UFOs

Well I made sure I turned the alarm clock on last night and this morning I didn't wake up early and turn the alarm on. I did wake up early anyway which is irritating as it wasn't like I went to bed early - maybe I just need less sleep?

Something else happened yesterday - something that scares me a little. As I'm walking home, just a few short yards away. I hear a whoosh noise, see something beige fly past my face and then here a very loud thud behind me. There is no-one else in sight and when I look around I can see the remains of an egg, splattered all over a sign. Why do I find this scarey - being by an egg isn't that bad is it? Well because the only way I can see that someone could have thrown the egg from the angle they had done, was if they were in a car driving past. Which means that the egg was going a lot faster than if someone had just thrown it. I don't know how much damage an egg at 30mph would do to me, but judging by the noise it made I'd originally thought it was a stone it hit so hard.

Judging by the amount of egg shell littering the streets, the egg throwers were having a whale of a time last night.

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Had one of those "small world" moments yesterday. As some of the more observant of you may have noticed, the name I'm using on here is Maddy (yes - it's short for themadone) and that would have been my prefered username too, but it's already taken.

So purely out of interest I decide to investigate who this mysterious interloper was. I was expecting it to be some simpering, whiney american (as LJ seems to have quite a lot of them), but it turns out she's a bit more local than that. She's apparently one of the london goth mob that I seem to know so many people from like xtasca. Very freaky. But this yet again proves what a small world it is.

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Gah. Please evacuate the area. I have no idea why, but I feel like I'm going to explode and I don't expect it's going to be a pretty sight.

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