September 5th, 2001

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Gah - I'm crap. I've not posted anything recently. I can tell you're all desperate to know what has been going on, so here is a brief recap.

Monday was a bit crap and boring. Went to the pub as usual, but no-one else showed. Tuesday stayed in and tidied the flat a bit and had pizza.

Work has been fine, not really got lots of exciting things to do, but I'm not as bored as previous weeks.

Wow. When I said a "brief recap" I meant it.

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As Steve has noted, Winter has reared it's ugly head and turned the land into a cold, wet, dark depressing place once more. I shall have to dig out the sunlamp to augment my standard alarm clock, which oddly enough has been odd recently...

Well actually it's not the clock that has been odd, it's me. For the past 3 nights I've woken up at 5:55am - 5 minutes before the alarm is due to go off. Every time I wake up, I "instinctively" roll over and turn the alarm on. Wierd, huh? I can't particular remember if I've set it the night before by the time I do wake up, so I can't tell if this is my subconciousness making sure I wake up, or something more sinister.

Either way, it's ultra-wierd - I'll have to see if it happens a 4th night.

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Now that I'm a fully paid up member of this journal lark, I figured I'd put my creative talents to a snazzy style for my journal.'s finished and installed - one ubergeeky themed journal. Probably'll need tweaking a bit, but it'll do for now.

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