September 2nd, 2001

Full Tilt? Mild Slant!

(Bit of a backlog cos I'm a lazy slacker...)

Friday night a few of us had planned on going to Full Tilt (a gothy-rocky sort of club) to dance the night away and see our semi-long lost friend xtasca whose birthday it is on Monday.

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I got home at 11am and rather than diving into a hot bath or going to bed, I clean my teeth, reapply the pit-spray and dive back onto a train to go and see the various banks.

I arrive at the Abbey National to yet again discover I need not have hurried as they stay open to 4 on a saturday - other banks should take note I think. I close my account and they give me a hefty cheque which I nervously pocket and head on down to the Woolwich, which - curse them all to hell - has decided to close early due to lack of staff. This pretty much puts a stop to my plans for world domination on hold, so I decide since I'm here I shall follow the wise words of Buffy - when the going gets touch - the tough go shopping. So shopping I went. I got oodles of DVDs (Yah! X-Files specials on DVD now!) and finally got a new wallet, which has a silly chain on it. At least it'll never fall out my pocket when I blearly try and put the jeans on in the morning.

When I get back I discover that Linette has phoned asking me if I got back OK (awww). She's still at work when I call, but we had a nice chat - something I regret we don't seem to have very many of. Then one of the accursed damned (or custumer as they are sometimes known as) shambles into the shop so she has to deal with him.

After I've had a really long hot relaxing bath I figure it's probably time to check in with everyone else and see if there are any plans. It seems I'm too late as all the phones are silent...I spod for a bit until I know Linette is home and see if she's heard anything. She hasn't. It looks like it's going to be a quiet evening in with some chinese takeaway and a film.

Sometime later, whilst I'm pondering whether or not I can be arsed to get off my butt and head down to the takeaway, Linette phones up and asks if I want to go for Chinese with her and Neil - problem solved. We spent the early part of the evening enjoying each other's company and Chinese food (although the duck pancakes were soggy and icky) and then head on over to Shayna's where we played cards.

Linette left early, and Neil spent several minutes deciding whether to be guilty about walking her home in favour of enjoying himself versus not walking her home and enjoying himself. We playfully mocked his indecission and in the end he tossed a coin and stayed and played more cards. In some ways as I walked home I did have a bit of a meta-GOTD as I realised that us prodding fun at Neil for being in the guilty quandry was a bit mean, especially as I share his gult for not walking her home as tonight of all nights wasn't really the sort anyone should walk home alone - we'd already had one football crazy leap out of a bush and yell the score at us. I'm sure there were far worse out there, but luckily it seems everyone got home safely.

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Finally have caught up on sleep and LJ. Linette's cunning plan of having a garden party has fallen through because the lovely sunny weather has stopped. Hopefully there will be fun and excitement happening later on as I will quite freely admit I'm a socialising-addict.

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