August 24th, 2001

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I've just got back from my monthly session under the minuturisation ray and the results were apparently good. Pat compared me with how I was when we first met and said I had made great improvements. So I guess this means that next month really is my last session and I'll be rubberstamped into normality.

In fact looking back at the session and comparing it with previous ones, I don't really remember her saying much. It was an hour of me talking where as before, she had to do quite a lot of prodding to get me to talk about stuff.

She was greatly approving of the "life goals" plan - can't tell exactly what she thought of the one I've come up with so far, but she seemed positive about it.

It sure is going to feel wierd when this is all over - I shall have to think of new excuses to get days off I mean work from home.

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