August 12th, 2001

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I just got back from one of the best Vampire LARP games I've ever been to. It was certainly the biggest, but then it was apparently a regional game which means lots more points for me to spend next month.

I'm not entirely sure why it was so great - it started off a bit slow because I was trying to keep an eye on someone who in character was definitely there, but the player was late. Then when they did show, they didn't do much worth watching so I got bored of that and started mingling a lot.

It certainly wasn't because of the vast numbers of people there - it was waaaaaay too crowded. I find that since I know so few people that I tend to stick to just them because all the strangers are busy engaged in conversation that looks important and as I'm playing a nobody, I'd be quickly killed if I annoyed someone.

Whatever it was, it just felt right. There was lots of clan plot happening and amusingly it centered around the other characters - but they didn't know it. And I met some nice people too.

I think the nicest was this girl from Stratford/Coventry, but thats mostly cos I spent the most time talking to her. I'd come over to her booth to talk to some of "The Family" and they had slowly drifted away leaving us alone and her character was very unhappy so mine stuck around to cheer her up. So we talked lots, mostly in character, sometimes we dipped into reallife when the context was right. People sometimes joined us too.

Unfortunately as is the case with all nice women, she was attatched, but I'd imagine I'd need to get to know her better before anything I'd be interested anyway. But that is all beside the point. She was very nice and friendly and instinctly knew I'm the kind of guy that responds well to "do cute things" type actions. Maybe she'll visit Runnymede - maybe I'll visit Stratford - maybe we'll meet at another game. Who knows.

I guess the only downer was that I had to leave early to catch the train home. Although admittedly quite a lot of people had already started to leave when we were - it was just a few diehards that were going to continue on to the 1am finish - and I wasn't actually making much progress with the plot. I knew what was going on, but getting any of the pieces involved was like getting blood out of a stone - everyone knew they were impoirtant and were holding onto them like gold dust.

I wonder if this entry counts as one for Sunday or not?

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