August 11th, 2001

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I have been soooooo uber good today and done everything I wanted to do this morning. I went to my bank to see about transfering all the money from my savings into my normal account cos I was told it takes 30 days so I figured I should start the ball rolloing now.

Turns out, that I could get it done there and then if I pay a penalty of 11 quid, so I didn't bother. I'd much rather wait until I really do need the money and do it then, because the penalty won't increase drastically over the next few months. I wish I'd know this before I'd queued for 30minutes.

Then I went and for the first time in over 6 years, got one of my savings books updated. I've lived pretty much in the same place for nearly 10 years and it was only last week that I noticed the building society had a branch locally. The poor staff were a bit confused as to what to do with it as the account is so old it doesn't even have a valid number anymore. To their credit they did eventually manage to kludge something together, but had to hand write the results in the book rather than printing it. They then suggested I should look into opening a new account, but I told 'em I already had but I hadn't got the details yet - so they were happy.

So far so good - 2 bank places sorted, 1 to go. I suddenly remembered that I needed shampoo so I went and got that (after much puzzling over whether 400ml for 3quid was worse than 600ml for 4quid). The last bank place had a nice short queue and I got my savings book updated and was going to close the account same as the first place but asked about clearance restrictions first. It was a similiar account, but because I had above a certain ammount I could take money out whenever, so again it made sense to wait especially as I wasn't sure the mortgage people were still checking stuff like this out.

A quick bit of clothes shopping and I was off home. I'm beginning to wonder if I'm the same person as I was when I started this LJ, because for lunch I bought a chicken waldorf salad and 2 apples. Admittedly I didn't eat the entire salad, but there is only so much lettuce a guy can eat by itself. I will confess I did have some chocolate and a bottle of Fanta with them, but I had been feeling faint and some real food would boost my flagging energy levels.

So one supercharged, highly productive morning. Now if only I could repeat the perform at work?

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Oh wow! As you can probably tell from my user info I've used the Unix client. It's so cool. I've no idea how it works though. But it's so much easier than the webbased one.

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