August 10th, 2001

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OK. I know I'm really crap at doing regular postings, but at least I've had a really good excuse the past couple of days. I'm 99% certain I had the flu - thankfully not the messy, gushing nasal mucus kind - but I was still very poorly. (this is the cue for lots of TLC & sympathy btw)

Rather surprisingly though I've got a mountain of entries I want to make and rather than make then into one giant mega uber super entry, I'll just take my time and post them over the day. They won't be in any kind of order, just whatever pops out of my crazy little head first.

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It's odd, but whenever I'm ill I always have the most amazing b'zzare and vivid dreams. And I can remember them afterwards. I can still several (well ok nearly 2) decades after I had several quite disturbing fever induced nightmares at the hands of the mumps I can still remember them.

This bout of illness was no exception - I really must at some stage sort my dream diary out again, but I guess if I get my arse into gear this could double as a dream diary too.

Anyway - here goes the latest peek into my psychie(sp?)

There's this kid and he's not a normal kid - he's kind some kind of tunnel vision. His field of vision is about the same width as a coffee mug. I'm not sure why, but we're on top of a building and he's trying to explain to me his affliction. I've no idea who the kid is or what his relationship is to me, but I feel like I should be helping him.

Next minute we're in some kind of doctor's office, I've a feeling that I've already missed part of what has gone here because the doctor then suggests it's my turn to talk. I've no idea what I should say, so I mumble nothings hoping someone else will say something that will give me an idea what I should be talking about.

Before anyone does, there's a noise (gun fire? someone being pushed out a window?) outside and the doctor races off explaining that she's been called away to deal with the situation outside.

The scene shifts again and I'm crouched behind a car outside a club. In my hand is a shotgun which I'm cautiously pointing upwards awaiting the gunmen (somehow I know there are gunmen inside who are coming out) to make an appearance. One of them walks out and amazingly, I can just point the shotgun upwards at his jaw from the other side of the car - obviously the car is 2 dimensional or something. He throws down his weapon, but his accomplice makes a run for it inside the club.

I give chase, leaving the first guy to the cops that have shown up but get caught up in the crowd of club-goers leaving. I end up trapped against the wall with a kid (not sure if it's the same one) and a group of girls dressed as nuns. The kid asks how come they're at a club if they're nuns and I explain that they're off duty. One of the nuns finds this really funny and starts flirting outragiously with me. Next minute I know we're kissing - she flatly refuses to go for any full on snogging - and the kid and the crowd has vanished.

We head back to my place where I share with my father. Not sure who else lives there. Someone has baked a fruitcake (how apt for me). The cute girl apparently finds fruitcake boring and has a way of spicing it up. She tells me and my father to mash the cake up and then add in whatever bits and pieces we can find, whilst she turns up the heat on the oven. She starts testing how hot things are by putting in a bowl with some kind of blue covering in and seeing what happens to the cover. Eventually after much melting and stuff she's happy and leaves us to it.

I decide to go for a walk and outside the world suddenly turns very Zelda-ish. I've no idea where I'm going or in fact where anything is, so I head off randomly and walk in a circle. On the route back I decide to run and rather than going around the many lakes that appear in the way, I run over them.

I get back to find that my father's idea of what to put in the new cake includes such oddities as ham sandwiches. I decide to give up on the whole idea and find the girl. This time when I leave I know vaguely where she lives so I head off in that direction. I walk past lots of houses and eventually (although it only takes a short while) I get to the house I think she lives in.

Unfortunately this is the point I woke up - I'll never know what got put in the cake, who the kid was, or whether that cute girl who likes dressing up as a nun will go any further.

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Breasts, breasts, breasts, breasts, breasts, breasts

For some unexplicable reason a scene from a sitcom I watched a few months ago has sprung to mind after last night's pub antics.

One of the male characters has been getting it on with a foreign girl who speaks no word of English and has to use a translator. This works wonderfully for him, because he speaks utter crap whenever he's around beautiful women, so he can say whatever he likes and doesn't feel like he's being stupid.

Anyhow, the scene I'm thinking of comes after they've met a second time - this time without the intepreter. He's trying to find out his name, so he points at himself and gives his name and then points at her questioningly. She then points at her chest and asks him a question and he nods emphatically. She goes "Ah..." which he takes to be her name. He then starts randomly repeating her name cos he finds it to be very beautiful.

At the end of the scene, they play it back but from her point of view in her language. When he points at her chest she thinks he's asking "What are they?" and she replies "Ah breasts". So as you can imagine, she's sitting there while he starts saying "Breasts, breasts, breasts, breasts".

I'm not entirely sure why my mind should be reminded of this scene, although I do seem to be thinking a lot about breasts for some odd reason...

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For a laugh I did a Personality Disorder quiz today that Lizz and Linette were discussing down the pub. Here are results:

AvoidantVery High
DependantVery High

So in plain English terms, I avoid relationships, show no emotion, have poor social skills, think oddly, seek attention, suffer from extreme social anxiety, have a strong desire to be taken care of, I'm very clingy and I have a strong desire for my world to be perfect.

So that pretty well sums up as Total Screwball. Obviously the test isn't meant to be taken seriously, so before everyone starts locking up their daughters they should all calm down and take a few happy pills or something.

Meanwhile, I'm off to sharpen my knife didn't mean to type that part did I?

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