July 20th, 2001

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If I thought yesterday had a crap start then I can't begin to describe what today's was.

I wake up late.
I seemingly take ages to get ready.
I suddenly realise it's rent day.
I can't remember how much the new rent is, so have to hunt for a copy of the contract
Then I realise I haven't got the rent book - more hunting.
Then I get a call of nature.

When I eventually leave I'm running 15minutes late and have missed both possible trains. Never mind I think, there is still one train that just might get me to work on time and I just manage to catch it. It gets in a little late to Clapham, but with enough time to catch a train that should in theory get me to Croydon at about the same time as the train I want. It makes excellent time and I race across to the right platform which still has the train waiting. As I get within a few metres, the guard blows the whistle, the doors shut and I'm left standing there looking stupid.

So I get in to work 30minutes late - thankfully I can work on the train so it doesn't matter, but that comedy of errors ruined the entire day for me.

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