July 16th, 2001

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Well I didn't think I'd be very good at keeping this up to date, so this entry will be a HUGE megasplurge of stuff. Thankfully most of last week was uninteresting, or at least nothing worth writing about, so it's only the weekend that I'll be commenting on.

Friday: The evil cancerian friday the 13th party. I got well and truely wasted. I moshed lots. I drooled muchly over Charlotte's well exposed legs (she was wearing a skirt that was essentially two strips of material joined at both hips by some leather laced up bits). I had fun. I eventually decided that to preserve my liver from further abuse I should wander home and I must have made it cos I woke up in bed.

Saturday: I awoke feeling decidedly poorly and with a head filled with cotton wool. It's not often I have hangover and hopefully this is going to be my first and last for the year. Irritatingly my brain had woken me up at 7, so I went back to sleep until Giles phoned at 9:45 to give me 30 minutes warning of his impending arrival.

50 minutes later, Giles arrives in his car (he's got a sickly green (olive?) mini) and we headed off to Ikea. He passes me a map and tells me that we're going to Wembley as that is apparently where the Ikea is. Using my masterful navigating skills (which weren't affected by the hangover) we made it to Wembley where upon he admitted he wasn't entirely sure where abouts the Ikea was. We phoned Linette who said it was on the North something or other (which we'd just come off to go to Wembley) near the West way (which I couldn't find on the map). After driving up and down the North something or other a few times, we eventually spotted a HUGE Ikea tower (which Linette had told us to look out for) and a short while later we found it.

It then became really apparent why there wasn't more Ikea's in the area - they'd taken all the potential Ikea's and put them into one GIANT Ikea. We parked, walked inside and were assailed by the size of the place. We looked at everything, measured things and made notes. Eventually we'd finished looking at the first floor and went down to the next one. The first floor was purely furniture, some of which was laid out in example rooms - this floor was just bits & pieces. I picked up some colapsable crates and other niknaks as did Giles. I also got a really funny looking cushion in the shape of a star with arms and hands that I thought Linette would like.

After all this came the warehouse where we could pick up some of the furniture we'd seen earlier. I was hoping to be able to get some CD shelves, but the packing was way too tall to fit into Giles' car, so went to pay for the few items we did have.

Heading back was much quicker now that we knew the correct route and once Giles had dropped me off with my stuff, I headed on over to their place to give Linette the cushion. She wasn't in, but Giles (obviously) was. Apparently everyone was up at Simon's place, but she was heading back down. Linette soon arrived and had fun replacing the overfilter - the old one was vile. It stank and Linette looked very grossed out. Once she'd cleaned up, she got the cushion which she was puzzled about but seemed to like.

Then we sat around chatting (Ben and Raven had turned up too). Giles pigged out on 20 sausages and Raven gave Linette a private tarot reading. Then Giles headed off to see what was happening up at Simon's and Paul arrived to replace him. Giles shortly returned bringing Neil, Tom and Steve and Paul left to go home. Then Ben and Raven left and the rest of us spent the evening chatting and eating curry.

Sunday: I watched End of Days and with a burst of unexpected energy emptied two of the cardboard boxes that were cluttering up the flat and placed their contents in 2 of the crates and a bin bag. Nothing exciting was planned that night except a few people had gone to the pub opposite from Linette's, so I stayed in and watched 28 Days.

All in all a pretty good weekend. Lots of fun. I definitely feel really good about starting the tidying. I even had a look at adult education courses too.

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