July 9th, 2001

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Well that was probably the busiest weekend I've ever had. Friday was a party, which was OK as parties go. Almost felt like I was involved for a change. Thankfully didn't get excessively drunk and say something embaressing this time.

Saturday wasn't as fun. I was going to go shopping but couldn't be bothered to in the end. The vampire LARP game in the evening was a bit better, but as I was playing a new character I couldn't do much except re-introduce myself to everyone.

Sunday I think was the definitely the highpoint. I'd decided I was going to go to the cinema and watch a plethora of films and since I'm crap at maths I wrote a little program to work out what was the best order to watch the films. With my itinary planned, I headed off and watched Shrek and then Tomb Raider. Shrek I'd already seen - it's just so damn good. TR is a bit crap. After this point I was kinda screwed cos the next film - "Get Over It" - wasn't on for over an hour, so I headed back home.

When I got off the train, I decided that going home would be boring so headed to Linette's place, narrowly missing Neil's scarey parents. After much faffing, chatting and more people turning up we all went to a local fair. Unfortunately as we were arriving, the fair was leaving. Me and Tom had a good bash at House of the Dead and then we left. to have chinese at the local place that does all you can eat buffets.

After that - back to Linette's for more chatting. Leaving proved a little differcult for some of us because Simon offered the non-locals a lift up the hill and since he's got a really impractical 2-seater sports car had to borrow Linette's. All would have been fine except somehow he managed to lose her spare set of keys. It was a complete mystery where they could have gone as he'd only walked a short distance. After ransacking the house, his car & the short distance inbetween, he gave up and just gave Charlotte a lift home - Adrian ended up getting at taxi. At that point I decided to call it a night and thus ended a fun filled weekend.

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Today I'm back at work (hurrah) and the aircon is turned off. Oddly enough I'm not feeling anywhere near as tired as I was feeling last week, so maybe the evil aircon is the cause. They're planning on replacing it anyway at some stage because it is only a temporary portable one.

A new girl (Delia) started today and already we've got her learning to program in Perl. I've been lumbered with the fun task of checking some really really really really really really really really really really really crap C code which unsurprising doesn't compile. Other than that - pretty normal I guess.

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