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Yesterday was definitely a candidate for the wierdest day in my life...ever. Work was perfectly normal and I managed to leave on time. Despite forgetting both my coat and mobile phone and having to dash back upstairs for them - luckily my manager didn't nab me on the way back.

The trains however, were crap with extra turds added for extra poo-ness. The train I wanted to catch was apparently going to be 15 minutes late. 5 minutes later it was still reported as being 15 minutes late. I figure it must have been stuck somewhere near Reading. The one following it did manage to arrive on time (before the late one), but was one of those trains that stops at every other lamppost. So I ended up missing my connecting train, which I meant I missed my next connecting train too.

Faced with a 30 minute wait for the train to Staines, I suddenly realised that I could just not bother and cycle home, so at the last minute, thats what I did. Even taking it easy, I still got home much earlier than I'd expected to, which gave me time to tidy up a bit before cryx came over for dinner.

Which never happened cos I was crap and decided to go for something easy that I knew how to cook (omellettes), but would put her over her egg quota. So rather than suffer some other random dish out of my repertoire we decided to go to the pub and eat there.

Whilst walking past the Crown, I noticed some of the guys I'd met at Research in Motion and then spotted Nick was amongst them. So we decided to stop and say hello. Which was a HUGE mistake or maybe a Really Good Thing(tm) - I don't really know yet. It turns out they were at the pub for the leaving party of one of the guys that works under Nick - the one I'm maybe replacing. Against my better judgement they let me buy me a drink and I joined them for silly banter and stuff, leaving cryx to go up the hill and eat by herself. I've no idea if I acquitted myself or not, or whether the internal candidate was there, glaring at me, or if the HR person who doesn't like me was there either.

In some ways I felt a bit like a bunny caught in a bright light. Except the bright light could either be a freight train or someone bringing me carrots and hugs. I guess I'll find out shortly how badly it went when Nick makes an appearance online. I bowed out when it looked like people were disappearing off, cos I didn't want to be late for food at the pub and I was feeling a bit worse for having had a vodka and coke. Didn't want to embaress myself given my new boss was sitting right next to me.

Pub was OK. Could have been better, but could have been worse I guess too. Thankfully it didn't rain on the way home cos I was totally unprepared for such an event. Got home and spodded and discovered that I do know someone else on that Friendster thing. Having added them as a friend I've gone from being connected to 0 people to 96769. Blimey. I wonder just how many of them I know.

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