August 1st, 1995

Cyst Wars: A New Cyst

A long, long time ago, in a mouth far far away...(well ok not that far away, but it wouldn't fit in with the Star Wars theme if I'd not said it) I got a cyst on my jawbone. I hadn't realised at the time what it was, I just had a unbelievable pain down one side of my jaw. In fact I assumed that it was my wisdom teeth making a final break for freedom.

When the pain started I had just finished failing my degree and was making the most of the last week in halls. Term had already finished, but because the work on building the new halls had meant we moved in a week late in the term, we had to pay for an extra week we didn't need. I used the time to finish rescuing what files I had left on the compsci network and generally worrying what I was going to do with my life. Then the pain struck and since I didn't know any better, I treated it the only way I knew how - with lots of painkillers.

It wasn't until I saw my parents that they dragged me off to a dentist. After much poking, prodding and x-rays (including one of my entire jaw with this cool rotating machine) he discovered that I'd some kind of growth at the base of my teeth. I got referered to the local hospital's dental unit who resumed the poking and prodding and eventually decided it was a cyst and it was to be removed.

I got booked in for an operation, which rather annoying, happened to be planned in the first week of my new job at Cimio, but thankfully my new boss didn't seem to care. And that is pretty much that - they removed it, kept an eye on me for a few months and eventually concluded that everything was OK....or so they thought....

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