maddy (themadone) wrote,

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Where is the ka-boom? There was meant to be an Earth shattering ka-boom!

Well that was an evening cut short in it's prime. One minute I was sitting at home, jiggling about under the Lourve when my downstairs neighbour tells me that he's got a gas leak and I'll be without gas tonight. Then the gas men come by and tell me that it's a really big gas leak and I have to abandon home, so I headed on over to House of Plot where I watched telly and let urizen and eggwhite shoot me lots.

Back now though - no gas still and they'll be needing access tomorrow, so I'm stuck at home. Blah. At least it'll mean I'll be able to get to the bank and do a few bits and bobs I didn't have time to do at the weekend.

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