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Now that I'm more awake I feel much better to wiffle on about Hulk. I won't go into any plot details, although you'd have to be hard pressed to not know what the general plot is. I did like the style of it though. It screamed comic book and not just cos it had a 15ft green bloke playing golf with tanks. The picture-in-picture stuff is what did it for me. It just looked like a comic with different panes.

I can't see them being able to make a sequel without a lot of plot runup though.

*dons flameproof suit* Also saw the trailer for LXG (plus a whole slew of other films that I can't remember much about) and coming from the point of view of someone who has never read the comics, the film looks like it's going to be really fun to watch. Lyth and eggwhite have designated me as a test subject to see how someone who has never read the books actually thinks of it the film when they see it, so no-one is allowed to wave the comics at me in case I become biased against the film :)


Re: League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

I've never met anyone who thought J O Barr's Crow comics were a touch on the movie. It's generally, in my experience, regarded as the exception that breaks the rule - by actually adding plot, rather than taking away from the sriginal source.

Re: League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

I must admit I've never seen the comics let alone read them, but I did really enjoy the film. I've no idea why they bothered with the sequel though cos it was pretty much just a rehash of the same sort of plot, set a few years after the 1st with little girl all grown up.