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Not wanting to sound like I'm jumping on a bandwagon, but I've been having some thoughtful ponderings myself on the nature of relationships. But I decided to wait until I wasn't falling asleep at my keyboard to write it down. Last night's LJ entry would have been much longer and verbose if I'd not been half asleep. Not that I'm much more awake now though :)

I was wondering what the difference between a date and just 2 people going out and doing something was. Is it purely down to the intentions behind the people involved, or does there have to be squidgy stuff?

Cos I've taken women out for dinner before in the past, but they've not been dates. But I can't see there being any different to what I did then and what I'd do on a date. Cos from my perspective, the most important part is being with the person - what you actually do is irrelevant. Or am I missing something? I guess it'd help if I'd been on an actual date to compare it with.

Anyhow, got in to work 40 minutes earier than usual. w00t!

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