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Whoa. I feel so unfit. It's only been a few days without cycling and already I feel all slow and sluggish cycling about.

Today I jiggled about some more tombs and dusted off my attempt to draw a graph of LJ friends. Even with just 8 people it's got a bit out of hand and thats with it excluding people with only 1 link to them. I can see why they took that feature out of LJ - must have used up uber amounts of resources to do.

Went to pub. Was fun except for the nasty evil wasps. Went and saw the Hulk, which was good. Spotted Lou thingymajig, but failed to spot Stan Lee, which is understandable as I've no idea what he looks like and still don't even though I know where in the film he appears. Finished the night at Nandos where we ate lots of hot spicey chicken. Yum!