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Engaging the emergency handbasket ejector seat!

Apparently wet dog is one of 60something primary smells. One of the things I forgot to mention yesterday, is that I don't like the smell of wet dog. Unfortunately what with it raining, being very hot and me having a long distance to walk, I ended up smelling like wet dog. Either that or the dog I walked past infected me with it's stench. Or maybe it's only agents that happens to.

Today has been a bit better in that I remembered an umbrella. Cooked for the absolutely gorgeous cryx and then went to pub. Where I received some good news from Nick. Now just need to sort some stuff out and I'll be getting out of the handbasket a couple of stops early.

I feel in a vaguely memey mood tonight, so I'm going to do the one cryx did recently: Tell me something you admire/envy about me or what you think my best feature/quality is, and I will reply and tell you in return what I envy/admire or think is your best quality.


I admire how much you have improved your life.

I envy the ease at which you can be fiesty with young ladies.

i admire your cheeryness. Whilst glumness can blight you you always try and make others happy, and you are a very careing and generous person.

I admire (and am envious too I guess) of your wisdom. You seem to know what to do about everything and are always there when someone needs help or advice.

I think you are a true friend :)

I admire your "won't take any shit" attitude.