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Chooo! Chooo!

My friends are always complaining about the bloody vikings that infest Seldom Working Trains. But they're nothing compared to whatever it is that makes Thames Trains so crap. They managed to turn a simple 6 minute journey into a 30minute one yesterday, which resulted in me getting to the bike shop in time for it to be shut. Damn. So I've had to come in by foot again, although I did manage to catch the bus today and it's about as quick as by bike. Maybe a bit longer. Hopefully I can catch the bus going the other way.

I saw a steam train this morning! Well it was half-steam, half electric. I didn't look like the Orient Express, so I've no idea what it was. But it came bustling in to Egham station, blowing up big clouds of white smoke into the air. It did mean I missed the train at Staines, so I had to wait around for 30 minutes for the one I normally catch. Yes - I did manage to leave really early again.

Last night I did stuff. Mostly playing Angel of Darkness. If it wasn't for the crappy "movement relative to the screen rather than Lara" control system, I'd say this was an awesome game. It's taxing enough to be fun - not too many hatstand puzzles so far. The context sensitive "doing stuff" is nice. I suspect that this maybe the 2nd Tomb Raider I'll complete. I really must go back and finish 2-5 though.

Apart from that I dusted off the MC log code I'd written and brought it kicking and screaming into the wonderful world of IGOR.



The Kings Cross-Cambridge line was without power this morning, meaning that a colleague arrived at 11:30 instead of 9:10...