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Well thats been a fun and uber busy weekend. Rather than clogging up everyones' friend lists with a big long waffle post, I shall instead clog it up with lots of cut-tagged stuff, which they can then read or ignore as the see fit.

On the first day there were meetings. Many many meetings. Meetings about how we should have more meetings. It was all very Dilbertesque. I think my manager is getting fed up with the crapness of some of the project managers and their abilities to interact with us, so he wants them to keep us better informed - which appears to involve more meetings. Personally I think meetings are probably a bad way to do this as it means we're tied down to the office more. Oh well. I'll have to see how it goes.

We've also discovered that they're re-organising the office seating plan. The other manager currently doesn't have an office, so he's taking over one of the meeting rooms. Which means that our little office is being turned into a replacement meeting room. We're being moved over to the other side of the office with the Windoze dev guys. Which in my mind is a little odd given current practice employed by management. On the one hand management appear to want us to be a cohesive unit. But on the other hand they're forever treating us a 2 seperate units. Bah. Management suck. My new desk sucks more - it's got the entire openplan area right behind it.

Thankfully I managed to leave early, get home and get ready fairly quickly. Unfortunately not quickly enough to get over to Vauxhall to help cryx with her mystery ninja shopping or to appear on her doorstop and surprise her with flowers and gifts. Instead I arrived to find the flat full of strange people who I've never seen before and whose names I can barely remember. Then a horde of cam-folk arrived and the place got very crowded and busy.

Since cryx wasn't likely to be back any time soon, I put the flowers in some water, ate some chips (that chinese is so yummy), had dessert/drink (icecream + blackcurrant liquor) and mingled. Unfortunately my positioning of the flowers caused a HUGE gust of wind to knock them over and pour water all over the floor. Luckily nothing was damaged. More people arrived. Then more people. The flat was heaving with people.

Then cryx finally arrived and was showered with a multitude of gifts and was mucho La!

The rest of the party consisted of 22 people cramming themselves into the bathroom, much booze, sillyness, daft conversations, a cheese eating orgy, some naked young ladies frolicing on cryx's bed, massaging and all in all lots of fun. I was remarkably restrained and didn't drink to excess and managed to stay awake as long as everyone else. Then people crashed in the lounge and despite my best efforts, left barty asleep rather uncomfortably looking in a chair. He didn't stay asleep for very long, cos he was very poorly on the floor.

Woke up fairly early and since everyone else was asleep, I sucumbed to my muse and wrote an improved version of that hideous piece of SQL I wrote. People soon woke up and then we did the greasy spoon. Then we vegged about HOT for a bit before disappearing on our seperate ways. But not before I managed to pluck up the courage to give cryx a birthday kiss on the cheek.

By the time I got to Sabbat, I decided that there was no way I was going to remain awake to do it - especially not if the room upstairs was going to be stifflingly hot. Instead I swam in out of conciousness as wraithwitch made bracelets, draw some cool pics of our characters, cast a spell and discussed spooky stuff with me. People started arriving slowly but surely for C/A, including an american from NYC who apparently had first joined cam in London several years ago and was passing thru whilst on vacation.

It's very odd, but Americans can be scarily friendly sometimes. It's like they're uber uber nice despite the fact that you're a complete stranger and you've only just found out your name. I guess it's nice, but it's also strangely unusual. I guess us brits don't do it.

C/A game was, as expected, fun fun fun. The London malks are kinda dull and lazy, but there are some cool ones there. We started the game by going and doing stuff, whilst leaving the locals to sit around and play cards. Then when we came back, we discussed stuff and then it all went crazy as Bedlum did her/his/its thing of spreading fun and happiness amongst the dull and boring folk. It's going to get violent over the next few games though. Poor April - we will avenge you. Poor Lotus and William - we will mock you.

Today has not been spent relaxing much. I started the day by vegging and playing Tomb Raider. It's actually quite fun beyond the jiggling and wiggling. So far there seems to be a lot more to explore than previous games and I can see stuff that I can't get to yet, that I imagine that I soon will be.

I was interrupted from all this by an SMS from cryx which reminded me that I had to go to the pub. For some odd reason I thought she was going to be arriving at the pub at 2, so I SMSd back saying I'd see her there cos I was going to go early to grab food before the game. Then I did the maths and realised that if I left when I was going to, I'd probably get to the pub at the same time as her, so I met her at the station. So we walked up together and I managed to broadcast Chris FM on a more sensible frequency this time. Pub was good and very busy, although ruined by a nasty wasp that kept buzzing about.

Headed up to the mage game so I had time to sign in before the game started at 3. Except it didn't cos we waited for people at the pub to turn up. The game was...interesting. Stuff happened. I spent a good portion of the game having a HUGE slanging match with sherbetsaucers in character. Which was quite intense and draining, but will no doubt provide much plot for the house over the comming months.

Have spent the rest of the evening, vegging and suspect that will be the case for the rest of the evening also.

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