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Awww...I feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Everyone loves me, or at least Scottish Power and Southern Electric do. They've having a squabble over who is giving me power. SE used to give it to me, but SP offered a better deal, so I said yes. Then SE said that SP sucked and offered to mail me a better deal. But they didn't, so I figured they sucked more. Then I get a letter from SP today saying that they're sorry to lose my custom - which given that I've barely been with them a month was a bit odd. Turns out SE had stolen me back! By the sounds of it, they'd assumed that if I hadn't said within 7 days of receiving the revised pricing plan that I thought it sucked, they'd take me back. But not receiving it meant I didn't know to tell 'em to sod off.

It's day 2 of Runnymon. Last night's sabbat game was a lot easier to get into - but then it was just a dungeon bash. Must learn blind fighting though, cos the sodding Lasombra keep putting up globes of darkness which screws everyone up. Although I've an idea how to get around that...

Ideally I should pop into town and pay some cheques into the bank (one of which is from SE :) but I can't be arsed. I've only got a short while to do it and then I won't have much time to get back for Garou.


Sabbat was good, no? never mind about those globes of darkness, just plunge on in...I did!...:D Mmm...grow to love the Lasombran darkness...:D

Is Runnymon like Pokemon? Gotta catch 'em all....how did Garoo go? Is the wyrm dead yet? :D

Sabbat was a lot better now that I've got a background sorted with sea_cucumber and she's starting to harsh me with it. Darkness will always be yucky :)

"Runnymon - Gotta play 'em all!" - the slogan for the weekend of gaming goodness.

Wyrm isn't dead, but the Caern got built or re-opened.

Gotta play em all...:DDDD sea_cucumber must do this with thaumaturgical paths - gotta learn em all! ;)

I am glad you have a nice caern...what is a caern and where the wyrm? ;)