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Didn't get around to posting a proper post yesterday, cos I'm crap and nothing really happened in the early part of the day - or at least not that I noticed. On the way home, as I tried getting through the barriers, I got very confused looking staff trying to work out my ticket. They kept going on about Egham, which I didn't pay much attention to and just spewed forth the route I normally take. And then one of them got me to look at the ticket, which was the travel card from Wednesday. Oops. Of course this must have meant that on the way in to work, they completely ignored the ticket.

Pub was good. Gave cryx something for her desk - a little deckchair mobile phone holder. I've got one too and I'm certainly planning on replacing the advert laden seating with something better.

I think he actually improved this week. He learnt the lesson about offering hugs and put his new found skills and knowledge into practice. And spent at least half the night talking to someone about his interests.

And then I stayed up late playing Halo. Have just encountered a flying doodah (Phantom?) for the first time and it's kicking my butt - with help from the usual grunts on the ground.

Oh and special message to majic13...your wishlist ... it is ready... :)

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