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Every day at work, we have a regular schedule of visiting the canteen. Just past 10 for breakfast, 12.30 for lunch and just after 3pm for afternoon tea/snacks/whatever. We were told last week, that the current "canteen" was being closed because the contract had been taken over and that yesterday was the last day. However, I certainly didn't expect (although I should have given how crap things usually are around here) them to shut up shop part way through the day and start clearing out the stock.

I was also surprised to find the new mob moving stuff in - but they didn't seem to be actually ready to sell stuff, so afternoon tea was a bit of a wash out. They were ready (sort of) for breakfast though. The new mob aren't hiding the fact they're not a canteen - they're a snack shop. Slightly cheaper than the last one and with a slightly larger range of stock. New cashier doesn't know the cost of anything, or in fact how to read the price list - I had to point out the cost of a bottle of DCL. Worryingly I think she used to be the cleaner (the new mob used to have the cleaning contract apparently).

[EDIT:] Actually I missed out the wierdest part of the new "canteen". We're a stereotypical IT company, but the magazines they've left out are women's mags - Company (I think?) and another really small one that I guess is the right size for a handbag. Now I don't have a problem with this, cos those mags are generally good for a laff for us blokes cos they usually have funny letters pages where whiney women write in complaining that their bloke is crap. But given the low percentage of women in the building, you'd have expected them to have put out at least one blokes' mag? Ah well - I'm sure they'll work out what their market is soon enough.

I think I'm going to get used to the toe clips (not foot clips as previously mentioned) - although it's going to take a few weeks. It's certainly increased the amount of power I'm pumping out as I can do small inclines in meaty gear ratios. Much better than swapping up and down a gear set, like I used to have to do to get over Staines bridge.

Haven't fallen off the bike yet, although I have come close. I keep taking one foot out and then some how end up leaning the wrong way onto the side that has the foot still clipped in. But I usually can ninja the other foot out in time to stop myself from falling over. It's always when I've arrived at my destination that I do it too - which I suppose is a good thing.

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