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Um...since I last posted. Stuff has happened. Nothing particularly controvertial or exciting. Just the usual pub/halo/takeaway plan that ends up happening on a Sunday. Got to see the HoT young ladies and majic13's mum turned up to the pub too (which felt a bit like end of term oddly enough).

Transported X-Box on bike in it's shiny bag which has space for the X-Box (obviously) the TV and power cables, a couple of games, some magazines (apparently). Of course heaven forbid I'd actually want to take some controllers with me - so there isn't any space inside for them. Have to balance them on top of the X-Box and hope they don't fall out. Gah. Typical Micro$hit.

Today I'm feeling very sleepy, although I'm not intending to regress or pretend I'm a monkey or anything else like that, as I'm not being hypnotised, I'm simply didn't get enough sleep last night. Definitely need more practice with the foot straps - I think they're not in quite the right place, so my foot misses. It'll need much experimentation I suspect.

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