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I live!

Just in case I forgot to tell anyone, I had an the operation to remove the cyst (see earlier entries on the subject) in my jaw. It all went fine, I was in and out in a few hours. Then I was whisked away by cryx to her place for rest and recuperation, because I had to be "looked after" by an adult. Admittedly this wasn't exactly complicated - I just sat on the sofa and kept out of the way. Then she cooked me a HUGE bowl of soup which I followed with a bowl of chocolate icecream and a cocktail of drugs.

Yup. The hospital has given me a moutain of drugs to take, although admittedly most of them are painkillers and since I'm not in that much pain I'll probably cut back on them (as the prescription suggests).

Wednesday morning involved me being dumped at evilref's place because linette had to go to work. Got to watch Akira, although it made me very tired and then pratically everyone went to lunch at Crosslands. I've never actually eaten in there before - they do quite nice jacket spuds, which is probably about as solid as I should go for food at the moment. After that I headed back with eggwhite and shalafi to number 4 to watch more DVDs and to veg.

Then we went to RockSoc and I met some Gouchi(sp?) Rockers. There were 3 girls there, all dressed up posh who had apparently joined RockSoc. I don't think anyone had realised they had because they were dressed so oddly for RockSoc, but they seemed friendly enough when I spoke to one of them. They'll be there next week too, so I'm sure more conversation will ensue.

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