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I've got the horn!

Big long waffle post about my weekend...

On saturday I finally managed to get to the bike shop after many weeks of not being around or being busy on Saturday. Almost didn't make it this week either, cos various STs pounced me whilst my newly gained Halo addiction kept me in front of the telly.

Anyhow. They've got a new assistant in the bike shop, who scared and confused me utterly. I walk in and my glasses are all dark as is the shop, so it's not particular easy to see stuff. This woman who I've never seen before, turns to me and says "Hello" and instinctively I respond. She doesn't say anything else except stare at my like I'm a freak and I figure since she's standing there, holding stuff that she's a customer as well and wasn't saying hi to me at all. Then she turns to me again and asks me if I need any help. At which point I realise she's actually working there.

She was actually really helpful and although she must be really really new, cos she didn't know where stuff was yet, she managed to find everything I wanted in the end. Which I was quite surprised about cos so far they'd been waiting ages on getting some stock in. I got myself

  • a new reflective strappy thing - this one is a bit better than the last one and has a proper clasps at the front.
  • A face mask to keep out the nasty noxious car fumes.
  • A pair of straps for my pedals to hold me feet on. Except it turns out my pedals aren't the right sort, so I'll have to go in next weekend and upgrade them too.
  • And finally a horn. A very loud horn - over 100decibels. And it's airpowered so I can pump it up with my uber excellent bike pump.

Went to Wycombe in the evening and my character nearly died over something which is in theory an OOC mistake, but given the circumstances can be turned into an IC one (it was very chaotic at the time). Don't think I'll be going back in a hurry though and shall endeavour to avoid the character - which suits me just fine cos they're not particular interesting to talk to. It's just that the rest of the court had buggered off.

On Sunday, I pulled my finger out and did a HUGE bunch of coding on the new Nos database. So far the people who've seen it are quite impressed with it - although that could be partly cos of eggwhite's very snazzy design. Then I discovered that the BBQ wasn't starting at 2.30 - it was starting much earlier and people were going to be putting food on at 2. Eeep! Cue much frantically running about, preparing some home made burgers and getting ready.

The burgers weren't particular great - I'd hoped to make them chilli & garlic with a hint of dark chocolate. But I couldn't taste anything except dead flesh. So I ended up putting hot pepper sauce on them.

As seems to be traditionally for parties and BBQs where I have don't have stuff to distract myself from thinking and end up doing far too much of it, I got mopey. And then I got even more mopey. But then Richard suggested we get some 8-way Halo'ing going, so I had something to distract myself from the mopeyness briefly.

This morning the mopeyness is gnawing at my innards like a chest bursting alien. Unfortunately it's unlikely to actually get out any time soon. I was briefly perked up to discover that there were lots of "Big Puddles!" on the way to work for me to splash through - including a really really big deep one. But I'm at work now where I've got all day to think about stuff...

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