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Well I survived being infested with insects but got practically no sleep at all cos it was so hot and muggy and I daren't open the window(s) in my bedroom cos I could see the insects lurking outside, waiting...waiting for a chance to come in and devour me. Or at least fly about and generally piss me off. Which is just as bad as far as I'm concerned.

Looks like the server's disk died from a head crash. It makes interesting noises and so far any attempt to read stuff off it has failed. Looks like I'm gonna have to try and remember all the stuff I'd done in the past 8 days (since the last backup). Mostly I think it was sorting out a few bits and bobs on Things I Love. Hopefully there wasn't too much done on IGOR though cos I have no idea what I've done recently. Too much probably :)

Blah. I'm so sleepy. I can't see there be any way I'll be able to cope with roleplaying tonight.