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When Insects Attack!

Argh! It's not my night! I've been invaded by a host of swarming nasty looking insects. I opened the window to let some air in and noticed that a couple of insects had wandered in, so I swatted them. Then I noticed there were a few more. So I went to close the window and discovered 1000s crawling all over the glass. Then I looked up around the window on the inside and noticed there were 1000s more. I 'haze'd most of them, but I'm sure some got away. I feel like I'm being eaten alive!


yukky buzzy blood suckers

I don't think they were blood suckers. They were just bloody annoying and kept flying around my face. Which was making eating and breathing differcult without consuming some of them.

Hopefully they'll all be got by the various spiders about the place and help them grow up to be big and strong. It'll be nasty stingy insect season soon and I want them to be ready.

I think they're gnats. We used to get them in the other house. They're attracted to the light, cos if we opened a door, and it was dark inside then they'd be non. If the light was on, say in the bathroom, and you left the window open then there'd be a thousand thousand of them.

On the plus side, they only ever live for 24 hours, it seems. One the downside, they die and leave little bodies everywhere...

more power to the spiders...