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Yesterday was pretty uneventful. Same old typical Sunday. Went to pub. Ate nice food. Chatted with nice people (including an unexpectedly back early cryx). Bought a green special edition X-Box. Oh...um...I guess that bit isn't so typical.

Yes. I gave in and bought an X-Box so we can play vastly multiplayer games of Halo. The box is all shiney and green and see-thru. Although you can't actually see much cos of the metal shielding. It weighs a ton, but I guess thats to be expected given that it's a PC-inna-box. So far it's all been very good and well behaved.

Not to let me down though, M$ did manage to prove what utter dungheads they are with their choice of bag. They've provided all sellers of X-Boxes with shiney X-Box carrier bags. Which are too small. They're just big enough to fit the box in but you can't carry it with the handles properly. Typical M$.

Headed around to House of Plot though and we set it up and had me and eggwhite upstairs on my box and Richard downstairs on his. Plus 4 random people in some far away place over the internet. They were shit hot at Halo and were giving some serious butt pounding, but we managed to hold our own. Then they asked if we'd do a team game, but we declined - they would kick our butts as they outnumbered us and outskilled us. But we did play another game with them, except part-way thru, we realised that they were playing it as a team game. They had 2 people guarding the weapons, 1 in the middle (it was a King of the Hill game) and another guarding him. Sucked majorly. By the time we realised what was going on, they'd just managed to win. It was a close thing though.

They pissed off after that thankfully and we got this friendly Norweigan instead. He was very good too, although very oblivious to being shot, which led to some lucky kills by myself where I'd catch him lining up to shoot someone else and manage to blow him away.

This morning is very LA!. I cycled to Windsor and was surprised at how easy it felt. Managed to get in early today, so I shall leave early too - more practise time on Halo :)