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Eeep! I've turned into such a lightweight. One shot of Aftershock and I'm all squiffy. Was being "socialable" cos cryx wanted to get drunk, so I had something to keep myself warm etc...

Mr. barty just said something very romantic in the car about love and being apart and missing someone. This was cos I'd mentioned how "awww" sea_cucumber was when eggwhite went home.

I wonder what Love is.

The thing that bugs me most about love, is that since I don't know what it is, how will I know if I'm in love? Tis all very odd. I think I might have been in love before, but maybe it could have been indigestion or something.

Blimey. Very squiffy - I can barely type straight :)


Love is an odd one. I have heard a lot of people talking about falling in love and all that. I slid.

It was such a gentle slope from 'kinda like' to 'yup, friend' to 'dating and stuff' on to 'do I don't I' to realise suddenly life would be horrible without him.

So, I have never FALLEN in love. It sorta crept up on me like the tide coming in. But stayd.

But that is why You shouldn't expect to fall in love - concentrate on a really good friendship, maybe with 'benifits' and enjoy what you have now. Maybe one day some one will pole ax you and you will be in lurve, and maybe one day you will just look up and see someone smiling back and you will realise that you can't imagine being without them.
I think you can ask 100 people what love is, what it feels like or how long it takes to realize it and you will receive 100 different answers but one thing is clear, you'll know when the time has come. It's not something you can explain or scientifically measure.