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This is Medroom 1 - we need TLC and sympathy! Stat!

Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow!
Falling off bike is no fun
Dying from blood loss.

Silly me fell off the bike. Was trying to turn right, car coming the other way, hit the wrong brake and whilst I stopped, the back wheel lifted up and the back swung 'round, knocking me off. Have HUGE bloodied elbow now. I will soon die from blood loss I suspect. And I hurt my knee too!

Not much else has happened recently. Cthuhlu last night was amusing if only for the fact that my character has finally lost some SAN. Which given that he only started on 20% and we've been doing it for several months now is quite surprising. But he's on the slippery slope downhill now and has his first of many derangements.


ooh, ooh, ooh, ouchies!

*virtual chicken soup & MUCH sympathy!*

Good that the car & you did not make closer contact!
If it makes you feel any better I sorta triped on my own ankle on my way to work today. :p

Oooh! Ouch! Nothing damaged I hope? At least you're using up your 2 left feetness before Friday :)


Nasty... sympathy
Bigs hugs and magic soothing cream that parents use on kids
Sypathy. May you find a magic football sponge.