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Coo...I think cycling is actually quite good for me - in a mental sense. On a whim I cycled back from Windsor. Probably made a good time too, except I decided to cycle along the river and it's a tad bumpy. Should be much better if I had proper suspension. Bloody windy though.

I still have a vague urge to go someplace. The idea of getting something to eat, cycling somewhere nice and having a picnic is gathering momentum with each breath. Right...tidy up a bit then off I go.


Actually excersise is considered to be good for depression - may have somethign to do with endorphins and various neuro-transmitters.

googled these links:

Blimey! Maybe that is what I was telling myself by saying I needed to go somewhere.

Now that I'm feeling perkier, I need to fix any damage caused by my recent bout of meepyness.